Careful organisation is essential

During the organisation and the chats with your team about upcoming design ideas and repairs throughout the project, everything seems nice and the future seems even nicer.

However, when the real renovation starts, the reality, itself, starts, too.

Sudden expenses may be coming out of the woodwork and you and your team are working much longer hours than first anticipated.

See our tips:

In order to prepare yourself and to deal with the project, check out the following 10 surviving tips:

  • Be realistic – don’t expect the new image of your project to come by itself. This is a huge process and it continues for long. This takes efforts and you need to work harder. This is made for good and you need to swallow the unpleasant conditions and circumstances.
  • Provide a living area – according to the size of the upcoming renovation process, you need to provide a space where your workers can take a break. This can help to making them work harder!
  • Choose your team carefully and be kind with them – these people will be part of your life during your projects. Plus – the final results depend on these people!
  • Don’t overestimate yourself – if most of the plans for your project are linked to DIY projects, before starting them, make sure you can actually handle them. Sometimes, it is better to use professional help than ruining the entire property structure, right?
  • Calculate and conduct your bank account properly and consistently – you may go too far with the renovations. Try to stay within your loan - bridging finance is used during property developments.
  • Balance the practical with the beautiful – you will spend months at these properties, so it means you will have to love the design of them.
  • Release yourself from concrete expectations – better release your improvisation ability and look at the final results to show you what to think and how to accept it!

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