Exterior Repairs: Give Your Home a Health Check with These Top Tips

Keep up to date with the painting of the interior and exterior of your home

Here at Interiors for Homes, we are painting and decorating specialists. Whether it is one wall or your entire home, we have the experience and the expertise to deliver the best possible results.

Professional painters and decorators offer all aspects of domestic and commercial interior and exterior painting and decorating work.

This includes: filling cracks and holes, sanding and preparing, paintwork retouching, plaster patch repair, painting woodwork, painting walls and ceilings. More.

Attention to detail, experience and quality products make the difference between a quick job and an amazing makeover. So flooring and wall coverings is incredibly important.

How do I choose the best flooring and wall-coverings?

Choosing the right flooring and wall-coverings for your bathroom can not only make a difference to the look and feel of the room but can help make sure it’s safe and low-maintenance.

In terms of flooring, you’re looking for something that is hygienic, easy to clean and ideally non-slip. Tiles, lino or laminate that has been specially treated for bathrooms are good choices, however, there are more modern alternatives available such as rubber. Find out more. If you’re opting for carpets, make sure you’re aware of how to keep your brand new carpets clean.

A good builder expert will be happy to advise you on the best choices for your space.

Tiles are also a popular choice for walls as they protect them from water damage and are easy to clean. See our guide to tiles and tiling for further information on choosing the best tiles for your bathroom. Finding the perfect bathroom.

It is best to use a waterproof covering like tiling near areas where water is likely to splash, but you can consider other options such as wallpaper or paint in other parts of the room. Make sure you use products specially designed for bathrooms, however, as they are better at resisting water damage and preventing mould.