Building your own home can be a cost-effective option

When it comes to fulfilling your dream and buying land to build in the UK, there are a few considerations developers and builders need to be aware of to have a successful build.

“Over 170,000 new homes were built for the year ending June 2019, taking the number to an 11 year high.” – Property Wire

It couldn’t be a better time to buy.

Building a dream home to your specifications is an exciting experience.

But before you start planning and sketching designs, let us walk you through what’s involved in buying land and developing on it.

Securing land

Anyone can buy land in the UK – that’s the easy part.

However, receiving planning permission to go ahead with your build can be a lengthy and tricky process – especially for first-time developers.

It’s often advised that you have a lawyer in your corner to help you battle any disputes that come your way.

If you’re unsure of where you can get your hands on some land, try Rightmove.

With thousands of buildable plots available, you can have the choice of fresh land, or buying land that requires the demolition of an existing property.

Another helpful tip is to speak to estate agents in the local area, who will know the best plots on the market.

Alternatively, surveyors and architects can be a good resource because they discover plots for sale quicker than anyone else.

Your local council will also be a very valuable resource in your search for land.

Funding the build

Once your planning permission application has been accepted, your plot of land will instantly become more valuable.

Then you will be free to build your home as you please. However, builders often run into cash flow problems, especially if they don’t want to compromise on the quality of their materials.

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