How you can personalise the temperature in your home

Controlling the temperature in your home isn’t just about saving energy.

You want to live in a home that is comfortable and personal to you, this includes heating and air conditioning.

Heating your home

Gas Fires and Fireplaces

It really doesn’t matter whether you live in a house or a block of flats, whether you have a chimney or you don’t, gas fires are always an option.

Not only are gas fireplaces realistic, but they’re also designed to give you a wide choice of very special effects, from traditional coals to logs or contemporary, pebbles, and come in a variety of finishes and options.

For rooms without chimneys, side flue ranges can run from the fire, through and along walls, to the outside of your house - no problem.

Fireplaces can include:

  • Remote and Slide features
  • Battery operated
  • Able to be manually operated in case of battery failure
  • Able to operate during power cuts
  • Electronically controlled eliminate mechanically

Using an electric fireplace is the modern solution to stylish heating, as they are more reliable and than traditional fuel-burning fireplaces.

Though electric fireplaces are a lot more reliable, you can still get into difficulties with electrics that can be easily fixed by any good commercial electrician.

Air conditioning

Air conditioning is becoming more and more popular in the average domestic household with a range of models and air conditioning installation being a quick and easy process with the right electrical contractors.

Split systems

Split systems are split between the house, meaning they take the air from outside, cool and condition it then spread it into the home taking the air that has warmed and cooling it.

Split systems are popular in all kinds of homes as they are quite concise and don’t take up too much space.

Central systems

These are the most common kinds of air conditioning as they are one of the most efficient in whole house cooling.

They work by cooling air that has become warm and circulates it back into the room. Planning is important when it comes to installing a central airconditioning system as you need to get the right size for your house in order to save energy and money!

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