We are so used to our bills being taken out on the same date every month that we don’t think about how much they’re costing us and just get on with things. But, there are ways of lowering your bills to save you money and you can spend them on saving for that new car you’ve wanted for ages.

Begin lowering your energy bills today

35% of heat is lost through walls, ceiling and windows. This is much more apparent in a property without insulation or one that has been poorly installed. Insulation is vital for keeping the house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Contact Keep Warm at 0800 612 7878.

Installing new water heaters at home are also a way to keep warm during times that are needed.

They have many benefits and their life expectancy is of 8-12 years allowing you to make good use of them. It is important to regularly check your water heater as you would not want to have an emergency when least expected.

With Sweeneys Plumbing you can install a new water heater before you are forced to by an emergency.

Many homeowners may think that insulation is a costly feature to the property – however, with government backed schemes it is completely free.

Keep Warm offer loft, cavity wall and room in a roof insulation to homes in the UK that were built between 1924 and 2000. Regardless of age, savings or property size you could be eligible.

In a property that was built between those years, it is likely that the building will have a cavity between them which acts as an escape route for energy. This gap is a place where insulation can be injected. Find out more.

Monitor your water bills

Installing a water meter can make it easier than ever to pay for your water bill, as well as saving you money. Households that have a meter installed save £56 a year compared to those who don’t – this is an issue as only 35% of households actually have a meter. Find more information.

However, before going through the process of having this installed, the rule of thumb is that a water meter will save you money if there are more bedrooms than people within the property. Apply for a water meter.

If you have been told that one cannot be installed in your building, you can request to have your bills assessed at a meter rate and you could notice a reduced bill.