Quality & affordable kitchen renovations

Designing a new kitchen, or refurbishing an older one, can be quite a mammoth task.

Over our years in the business, Interiors for Homes has been involved in transforming some stunning designer kitchens. But we’ve also seen amateur designers make some rookie errors. Here, we round up our selection of what to do and what not to do, to ensure that your kitchen design goes smoothly. Click here for kitchen ideas.


Incorporate lots of storage – Your kitchen needs to house a lot of stuff, and you need to work out a way to manage this efficiently, and still keep it looking neat and uncluttered. Storage is your new best friend.

Clear the air – Smells of yesterday’s curry can linger in stale air in a poorly ventilated kitchen. Ensure that you invest in a good quality ventilation system, to keep your kitchen feeling fresh. More information.

Light it up – Light should also be carefully considered. You will need overall lighting and task lighting to assist you when you’re working in different areas in the kitchen. Under cabinet lights are great because they shine directly onto your worktops.

Invest in new appliances - This includes things such as a dish washer or washing machine. Having outdated appliances can really ruin the aesthetic of a brand new kitchen. We also recommend hiring a professional plumber to carefully plumb in these appliances. Find local recommended plumbers in your area here.


Obstruct your pathway – You need a clear route between the essential appliances – the sink, the fridge and the oven. Ensure that you can easily move around between these units, it’ll make preparing food in your kitchen so much easier. Don’t obstruct it with breakfast tables or kitchen islands.

How to make the most of kitchen space.

Forget about workspace – Whilst storage is important, so is workspace. Make sure that your kitchen design plan includes lots of worktops for you to use when preparing food. Think about the best work top materials.

Reuse old appliances– It can be tempting to save some pennies and re use the appliances you had in your old kitchen, such as ovens and washing machines. Old appliances will stick out like a sore thumb in a new modern space though, so if you really want your kitchen to look the part, go the extra mile and invest in new equipment.