Whether you live in Brisbane, New York or London, if you are currently looking to renovate your home and ultimately improve it the below is a list that will do just that.

Home Maintenance

It can be costly to renovate your home and so regular maintenance can improve the overall health of the following aspects:

  • Replacing old doors and windows help to contain heat.
  • Making sure drains are clean and guttering in free from leaves.
  • Check your roof because damaged roof tiles can lead to water damage

Have an Extension

Extending your home is another great way to improve both the value and space of your home.

Renovation builders see home extensions costing upwards of £20,000.

Due to the cost, it is vital that you pre-plan your extension and make the necessary decisions before everything begins. For example, knowing your designer or architect.

You may need a new boiler depending on how major your extension is. Subsequently, it is good to factor in your boiler output, the size of the radiators around the house, the size of the hot water cylinder and also the reheat time. Click here for home renovations.

Convert your Loft

Loft conversions that transform the cobweb invested attic into a bedroom with an en suite will help to improve the value of your home by 10%.

Having an extra room is both great for guests and the addition of an en suite makes life easier when it’s the morning school rush.

Loft conversions cost at least £15,000.

Similar to an extension it is important that you pre-plan and know what kind of loft conversion you desire. These range from a Dormer to a Mansard loft conversion.