Patchwork carpets and their hygienic maintenance

Patchwork carpets

Carpets are back and they are essential additions from the modern conceptions of contemporary home interior. The newest designs turn the rugs into a main element of the decoration. On the other side, there is a huge advance in the carpet manufacturing industry. For example, the wonderful patchwork carpets are extremely fashionable these days.

Yes, we speak of those sympathetic rugs that are made of several different pieces joined with a sewn on their backsides. Most of them come in Vintage style. The magnificent appearance is due to the hand-knotted surface and the charming handmade workmanship.

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The patchwork carpets, though, need some special treatment and sophisticated approach, when it comes to their hygienic maintenance. Since they are woven and in general 100% natural, you need to be careful with the cleaning solutions you use. See some tips on how to care for the patchwork carpets at home:

Vacuum the patchwork rugs regularly. This is essential because the reducing of dust is highly recommended when you want to keep your carpet for long.
Once you see a stain, deal with it as soon as possible. Of course, this is a rule that should be obeyed for all types of carpets, but the patchwork ones demand it even more. The natural materials that are used for the creation of these rugs absorb the dirtiness very fast, so you need to act really quickly.

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There are stains that may not be very easy to be handled. Also, there is a possibility for you to have no clue how to eliminate some kind of a stubborn spot. Do not think too long and contact the local carpet cleaners. Brightaire Property Services are suitable for this job as they use sanitation methods for carpet and rug cleaning. Their services vary from carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile cleaning, mould & mildew treatment and flood repairs.

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Cleansing products- avoid the following cleansing products and ingredients if you can sanitise the patchwork carpet with natural solutions: bleach – chlorine and oxygen – commercial toxic detergents, rubbing alcohol and universal fatty liquid products. Also – never use hot water, because the rug may shrink.

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Rely on the general eco-friendly methods for degreasing, stain removal and ordinary refreshment. You can keep your patchwork rug hygienic and attractive for many years if you sanitise it with baking soda, white vinegar, and a mixture of cool water and green tea essential oil and with dishwashing soap or washing powder.

If you hire a carpet cleaning company, make sure you have mentioned the type of your carpet – a patchwork, because it really deserves some special treatment!