Well you’ve decided you need a new garden shed.

You have some options:

  • Go to a garden centre or DIY shop and buy one
  • Find a company who will do the job for you

They are both reasonable ideas, if you’ve got plenty of cash that is. If you would like to save considerable money, and experience the satisfaction of learning how to build a garden shed for yourself, then there are many online guides.

We recommend hiring AGS Commercial for your complete installation of your domestic or commercial shed. AGS offers a full service and customised approach to designing, planning and building high quality sheds and structures that are needed for various applications. Find out more.

You can build a garden shed with this helpful product.

There are plans for everything, far more than garden sheds; in fact it contains over 12,000 woodworking projects! More guides here.

You will find plans for dove cotes, garden furniture, sheds, even stables – I always run out of steam on this sentence, I could go on! If it can be made out of wood, you will find it in here. You can even learn how to make charming, traditional toys for children.

All of the plans are complete from start to finish, and include material lists, detailed diagrams, and clear and easy to follow instructions. See: Different types of garden sheds.

The nicest thing about this package is that it gives you control over the final design. Many different designs for each type of project are included. You can choose from literally hundreds of designs for outdoor buildings, from small garden sheds all the way up to an equestrian sized stable. It’s your choice!