It is easier than ever to give the most used room in the house a facelift, our tips have been created to modernise your kitchen on a budget. All of these are simple changes, but all have the ability to completely transform the house.

Architectural rooflights

Many kitchens have been built into extensions and have space for a skylight to be installed. They allow large amounts of natural light to flood into your kitchen, which can ultimately help with modernisation. Find out more.

We recommend using modular rooflights for your property, as they have endless possibilities to combine a limitless amount of fixed or opening rooflights together. They are designed with energy efficiency and high levels of security to ensure you are in safe hands.

A lick of paint to save your kitchen

Paint is a life saviour – it is easy to update your kitchen by painting over old and discoloured cabinets and giving them a new lease of life. Paint manufactures are always releasing new colours of paint to keep up with the latest trends, so when choosing a colour, pick one of the most recent ones. This will help to keep it as modernised as possible. Select a suitable colour.

Monogram worktops

A dramatic change that is inexpensive too is replacing your existing worktops, to something that is practical and modern. Read more.

Many worktops are either marble, white or black – these monogram colours are definitely in right now or it seems they will be for quite a while. You can purchase worktops for an affordable price by clicking here. It is also important to add the right furniture to your kitchen. See: Tables.

Out with the old, in with the new

Updating the kitchen floor is something that is overlooked. However, this is where many people go wrong as it can let the entire kitchen down and made it look old. There is an array of kitchen flooring that is suitable, some include traditional oak flooring, or coloured tiles. Click here.

If you have a bit more money left over, you could always have under the floor heating put in place to help you stay cosy whilst making dinner. Contact us.