Five things to know about zinc roofs before getting one

Are you not sure about purchasing a zinc roof?

Many people are unaware of all the advantages and benefits that a zinc roof can bring to any property.

Some people may be sceptical as it’s not a ‘traditional’ roofing material unlike wood, metal and slate roofing – to name a few.

However, more people are wanting to purchase a zinc roof material because it is a new and captivating design idea that can make any home stand out.

Zinc roofs have many interests and unique selling points that make them a top pick for homeowners wanting to try something different.

Can be made into any shape

Zinc’s material is very flexible and makes it easier for alternative roof shaping to be formed. The flexible components of zinc make it easier for roofers to install them in difficult spaces and also form complex frames for the roof.

Ability to self-repair

Within time the roof can repair any damages that are showing on the roof – whether it is fixing any scratches, mild damage from the weather or any small cult. The roof has less maintenance that needs to be performed by the homeowner and can keep itself looking new for a long time.

Variety of colours

Whilst wood and metal roofing do not provide a choice of what colour to make your roof look, zinc roofs provide different colours that provide every homeowner with a more striking look.

ELC Roofing is a specialist in providing zinc roofs for different types of properties and in different colours.

  • Azengar
  • Quartz-Zinc
  • Anthra-Zinc
  • Pigmento Red
  • Pigmento Brown
  • Pigmento Green
  • Pigmento Blue

The different colours of zinc roofs are what makes customers choose a zinc roof over other products. All homeowners want their house to stand out – and with the variety of zinc roof colours, it is made much easier for them.

Environmentally friendly

There are multiple reasons as to why a zinc roof is ideal as an environmentally roofing product:

  • 100% recyclable
  • A fungistat – which prohibits mould, fungus and mildew from reproducing
  • Clean rainwater run-off from zinc roofs
  • Can also kill vegetation and will endanger any plant growth

Many homeowners may want to do their part for the environment by investing in a roof that will help nature.

Zinc is also known for not leaving any properties behind when it is being recycled so it is even more eco-friendly for any homeowner that wants to reduce their carbon footprint.

Longer life span

When you buy a zinc roof, you are buying it for life, not just for a few years before needing a new one.

Zinc roofs can last up to 100 years and you will never have to worry about getting another roof.

Many see zinc roof as a valuable long-term investment that continues to provide them with property benefits. Instead of worrying about replacing their roof, the homeowners will need to look for other ways to improve their property.

What are you waiting for?

Don’t put off getting your zinc roof! The quicker you get it installed, the quicker you will see all the benefits.

ELC Roofing is skilful at zinc roof fitting and installations, so get in touch with them and they can provide you with the zinc roof that is perfect for your house.

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