Home Security tips and ideas

Home security should be your top priority as break-ins are rife at the moment, with burglars striking ever 27 seconds. Here are simple steps to take to adding extra security to your home.

  1. Inspect & Secure Doors

You must inspect all exterior doors and check that the door frames are strong, hinges are protected and that the mail-slot isn’t close enough to the lock, allowing a criminal to unlock your front door. Here are a few ways to secure your doors:

  1. Lock All Windows

Windows are the second most popular entry point for burglars as manufacturer latches on windows aren’t always effective and can be flimsy. Upgrade your window security with locks or key operated levers. Other ways to reinforce your windows include:

  • Window security film
  • Install glass break sensors
  • Window bars
  1. Install Extra Lights

Make sure you have lighting installed in your front and back garden. Criminals don’t like to be in the spotlight, so having outdoor lighting installed will instantly make them stand out and make them skittish. We recommend installing motion-activated lights.

  1. Lock Down Wi-Fi

Your wireless network is a gateway to confidential information such as finance and person matters. You must secure your wireless router, enable WPA, rename and hide home network, use a firewall and create a strong password.

This will prevent hackers from accessing your Wi-Fi information and stealing your information. Click here for 5 ways to secure Wi-Fi network.